“We get work done.”

GGG Consulting LLC

Experience List

Our primary associates have over 225 years of combined experience in the following areas:

Capital Project Management from $5,000 to $50,000,000 Projects

                 •               Paper Converting

                 •               Food Processing

                 •               Hair Care Product Launches

                 •               Site Preparations

                 •               Building Erection

Process Design, Installation, and Startup

                 •               Paper Converting

                                                   • Pampers                • Tampons

                                                   • Attends                 • Bed Pads

                                                   • Always                   • Materials

                 •               Food Processing

                                                   • Pringles                 • Cookies & Candies

                                                   • Kudos                     • Soy Based Meat Substitutes

                 •               Napkin Making

                 •               Hair Care

Process and Operations Troubleshooting

                 •               Kepner Tregoe Analytical Troubleshooting

                 •               Materials Improvements and Processing

                 •               Failure Mode Analysis

                 •               Statistical Process Control

Facility Design, Development, Installation, and Startup

                 •               Process Filtration and Dust Control

                 •               Central Vacuum Systems

                 •               Diaper Scrap Management

                 •               Poly Trim Collection and Disposal

                 •               Palletizing Systems and Conveying

                 •               Full Case Handling

                 •               Process Safety Engineering

Packaging Engineering and Operations

                 •               Packaging Systems Design, Installation, and Startup

                 •               Tube Design thru Qualification

                 •               Bottle Design thru Qualification

                 •               Labeling

                 •               Corrugate

                 •               Packaging Art Work

                 •               Supply Chain Development

                 •               Component Delivery and Qualification

                 •               Development and Writing of Specifications

                 •               Development of Master Specification Samples, TMAU’s, etc.

Systems, IT, Data Management

                 •               Data Migration from Current Systems into SAP Databases

                 •               Application Programming and Systems Development

                 •               SAP Use

                 •               CSS Use Including Origination

                 •               Advanced Excel Programming

Worldwide Regulatory Compliance for Personal Care Products

                 •               Submissions and Risk Assessments

                 •               Safety Assessments

                 •               Review of Labels, Claims, Translations, Artwork

                 •               CARB VOC regulations

                 •               VCRP Program (US FDA Voluntary Cosmetics Regulations)

                 •               Fair Packaging and Labeling Act Compliance

                 •               CCTFA – Canada Regulation Compliance

                 •               Health Canada Cosmetic Regulation Compliance, DIN and NHP application

                 •               EU Compliance, EU dossier development

                 •               Asia/Australia Regulations Compliance

                 •               Japanese Regulations Compliance

                 •               Latin America Regulations Compliance

                 •               Anvisa

                 •               Andean


Utilities Operations and Maintenance


New Product Development and Improvements thru Rollout


Contract Manufacturing Setup, Qualifications, and Management


Art Systems Management




Development and Writing of MSDS Reports


Purchasing and Expediting, including US/Mexico Border Management.


Vendor Interface for Resolution of Schedules, Interfaces with Multilingual Businesses, Missed Commitments, and Rejected Materials.


Continuous Improvement Projects


Leaders in Savings Development and Implementation


150 Years of Combined Procter and Gamble Management Experience Working with Teams and Departments from 5-100 People Not Including Construction Staffing.


Procter and Gamble Established Vendor (P&G vendor no. 15117103)